What Is The Cost Of Corporate Entertainment Brisbane?

Corporate events include guests of all classes and interests, and it’s important to hire a party entertainment band Brisbane that understands this. Events such as seminars, team building, trade shows, product launching, shareholders, or workshops can never be complete without entertainment performed by musicians, acrobats, or live bands. 

Such entertainment can be performed on stage to keep the attendees entertained. Corporate entertainment Brisbane can take a short time or an entire event time. But if the event is large, the organizer can hire more than one party entertainment band Brisbane.

How much for corporate entertainment?

The cost of hiring a corporate entertainer ranges from $350 to $5,000 within Australia. There is a big difference in the cost of hiring a party entertainment band Brisbane due to various factors that we shall look at. The more the singers in the band are, the more you are likely to pay for their services. Furthermore, entertainers have a different rate, especially if you are coming from different regions of Brisbane.

Corporate entertainment Brisbane

Why does it cost more to hire a party entertainment band in Brisbane?

Type of entertainment

The event your company is hosting greatly impacts the amount you’ll pay the party entertainment band Brisbane. Normally, corporate events require famous music bands with experience because various people attend them. For instance, wedding singers will charge between $500 and $500, while wedding bands can charge between $1000 and $3,330. But if you need a Jazz band, you can consider a budget between $850 and $1,500.

Number of performers

corporate entertainment Brisbane is performed mist by a band of entertainers, which increases the chance of additional cost. When looking at the number of performers, it’s advisable also to look at the size of your stage so the performers can get a good room for their act. Generally, the more the number of performers, the higher the cost of hiring them, especially if the band is famous.

Date and event duration

Most events occur during peak season, so the cost of hiring corporate entertainment during these dates is always high. The cost will be low when you book during midweek or any other days apart from weekends or public holidays. Again, the longer the event takes, the higher the cost.


Other factors that most event organizers often undermine when determining the cost of entertainment are the experience of the entrainment band and the location of your event. If you are hiring corporate entertainment Brisbane, you are likely to pay an average of $1,450.

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